Delpadidar (Nirvana Nirvan) was born in Iran into an Iranian family. At the age of 7, Nirvana started to teach herself the keyboard. At the age of 11, after observing her  great interest and passion in music, her parents sent her to the only full time music school existent in all of Iran. Nirvana's father encouraged her to choose the violin as her main instrument while she studied full time at the music conservatory. Even though her main instrument was violin, she continued on improving her piano skills by observing advanced piano students.Although none of Nirvana's family members were musicians, they fully supported her music studies; however, due to some obstacles, Nirvana had to leave the conservatory and continue her high school studies at a regular school. She obtained her high school diploma in Physics and Mathematics.At the age 17, Nirvana started to take some voice lessons followed by piano and violin lessons. As a side job, she assisted her piano teacher in teaching young beginner students. She and her family left Iran for Turkey shortly after she finished her high school. During the short time that she took piano lessons in Iran, she was able to obtain a certificate for advanced pianists and she also entered the Tehran Youth Orchestra as a violin player.In Turkey, Nirvana spent most of her time teaching violin and piano, but she also continued her violin studies at a Fine Art school in Istanbul. She took violin lessons from one of the most recognized teachers in Turkey, Mr. Petekoglu. In Istanbul she performed with Pera Orchestra which performed for ATV, one of the most popular TV stations.In 2002, after a few years living in Turkey, Nirvana and her family moved to Montreal, Canada. She continued her violin studies at Concordia University. She obtained a bachelor degree with distinction in Music and specialization in violin.Since her arrival in Montreal, she is constantly active in various musical fields such as teaching; performing as a soloist; performing with chamber ensembles and orchestras; and on the side, composing music as a hobby.In 2010, Nirvana decided to take a big step and express her deep feelings publicly through her music and her voice. Jostejoogar (The Seeker) is her first album and the result of a long period of hard work in addition to her great desire to share her music.

Based in Calgary, Nirvana Nirvan released her first album, which has been digitally released. She not only is a great artist but also a great teacher. If you are trying to find a Violin Teacher or a Classical Music Teacher, then your search ends here.

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